The amateur’s guide to explore machine learning

What is this documentation?

I am Nishant & this documnetation is my notes that i am developing as i am learning. why am i creating this? I am learning things at a very slow pace and i tend to forget things/ formulas/ methods. To keep everything at one place so that I can go through a topic quickly. Now just to help other people who are also starting to learn these topics, this doc may be helpful. There are already a lot of content available over internet. This is just another documentation. But this documentation is developed from the perspective of an average person with an enthusiasm for data wonders.

Is the math, method or logic correct?

Validation of the content is done by people who are visiting it or the results are proof sometimes :-D . I usually understand the topic from some course, youtube video and book and apply the same. If It is giving results then awesome, if not then try something else.

What am I going to find here?

On the panel/table of contents you’ll see the variety of the topics. In most cases code and images are there and in some cases videos are also available to understand more on the topic.

How to contact me?

Please feel free to reach out to me if something is wrong in this doc or if it was helpful for you or you want to have a discussion on something.






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